Clean Energy


The City of Chaska Electric Utility is excited to offer renewable energy choices for residential customers. Today, 17% of your home’s electricity comes from renewable energy, as required by the State of Minnesota.  You now have a choice of increasing your renewable energy mix to 50, 75 or 100 percent from renewable sources for only a few extra dollars per month.

Program Benefits:

  • Low Cost– From $1 for 50% to $3 for 100% per month
  • Predictable Cost – Fixed monthly cost
  • Easy to Sign Up – Call 952-448-4335 or visit
  • Easy to Cancel – Subscription is monthly – cancel any time


The City of Chaska Electric Utility is now offering renewable energy choices for business customers. By participating in the program your business will receive 100% of its electricity supply from renewable sources such as Wind, Solar, Bioenergy, and Hydropower. Participants in the program will also receive a certificate and decal to help promote their business as a being powered by 100% renewable energy.


  •  $0.002 per kWh above regular retail rates.
  • Charges are only applied to kWh in excess of the 20% renewable energy standard currently required in the State of Minnesota.

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