Fishing Contest FAQ’s

Q: What time can I start fishing?
A: 1:00 p.m., When the announcer gives the start signal.

Q: What information is needed on the ticket?
A: Please clearly fill out the entire ticket.  For some door prizes and prizes that you need not be present to win, are mailed out to an individual or contacted by phone.  Any tickets that are not legible are forfeited.

Q: Do I need to bring an auger to drill holes?
A: No. All holes are drilled the morning of the fishing contest.  No additional hole drilling is allowed by any contestant.  You may want to bring an ice chisel and ice scoop to clear any ice that may form prior to the contest starting.

Q: Can I check the depth?
 A: Yes, but only with a depth finder or a line without a hook. All lines must be out of the water by 12:45 pm until the official start.

Q: When does the contest end?
A: 3:00 pm the announcer will signal contestants ending the contest. You must be observed by a contest official on your way to fish weigh in by 3:00. Remember: fish must be brought to the weigh in stand immediately when caught and alive. Dead or frozen fish will be ineligible.
Q: Can I win if I’m not at the lake?
A: Yes.  There are two categories of prizes, “for the fisherman” and “for the non fisherman”  you need to be present and catch a fish to be eligible to win a “for the fisherman” prize.  You do not need to be present to win a “for the non fisherman” prize.  There will be additional door prizes given away during the contest some door prizes you need to be present for and some you do not.   All those that you do not need to be present for will be mailed out to the winner.

Q: When can I enter the contest area?
A: Parking in the park begins at 11:30 pm.

Q: Can I pre-fish?
 A: No. You will be disqualified.

Q: What type of fish can I weigh in?
A: Only game fish are eligible to be weighed in for contest prizes.  These include; northern, walleye, crappie, bluegill, sunfish, perch and any bass species.  Rough fish, including bullhead and carp are not eligible fish to be weighed in.

Q: Can I fish using a windbreak?
A: No. Windbreaks or set up shelters are not allowed.

Q: Can I pull canvas over my head for protection?
A: No. All contestants must remain completely visible while fishing.

Q: Can I fish two holes?
A: No, only one hole and one line per contestant.  You may jump to open holes and fish a different hole during the contest.

Q: Can I bring my own beer or pop into the contest area?
A: Yes, but beverages are supplied at the contest. Glass bottles are not allowed, plastic bottles are. We encourage you, however to patronize our concessions.

Q: Can we bring our own food?
 A: Yes. However our concessions offer hot food on the lake and off.

Q: Can my friend watch my line while I go to the bathroom or to register my fish?
A: No! Please take your line out of the water. Leaving your line unattended is against Minnesota law.

Q: Do I need a fishing license?
A: Yes.  All Minnesota fishing laws regulate fishing during the contest. MN DNR officers may be present and have the right to question any contestant.

Q: Can I park on the ice?
A: No! Main parking is located in the park and additional parking is located on the northwest corner of fireman’s lake.  Handicap parking is available in the park.  Notify one of the parking personnel and they will direct you to a parking spot.

Q: Can I bring a cooler onto the ice?
 A: Yes, coolers will be allowed, all coolers may be subject to mandatory search or will not be allowed in the contest area.

Q: Is there a place I can warm up?
A: We have a heated concession stand.

Q: I caught two fish. Should I register both?
A: You may register as many fish as you like. All eligible game fish caught by a contestant are eligible to win  “for the fisherman” prizes.

Q: Do you have bait for sale?
A: Yes.  We will have free crappie minnows for contestants.  Sucker minnows and wax worms will be available for purchase.

Q: Can I leave early?
A: Yes.  Any contestant may leave the park at all times.  They may not return with any fish though.

Q: Where are tickets for sale during the contest?
A: There will be tickets being sold throughout the contest for those who wish to purchase additional tickets for door prizes.

Q: Are tickets available to purchase prior to the contest?
A: Yes. Tickets are available from active and retired firemen. You may stop by the fire station and purchase tickets if a member of the department is available.   Monday evenings after 4:00 p.m. is the best time to catch someone at the station.

Q: Who is running the contest?
A: The Chaska fire department relief association.


Please use waste receptacles for your garbage.
Drive smart!