Fire Extinguisher Service

All fire extinguishers should be inspected monthly by the owner.

Monthly inspections include the following steps:

  • Make sure the extinguisher has enough pressure to work properly
  • Confirm the extinguisher is in its designated place and has not been used
  • Check to see if the extinguisher has obvious defects like puncture holes, corrosion, or broken/missing parts

Fire extinguishers should be tested by a licensed fire protection company on an annual basis. 

Chaska residents can have their fire extinguishers tested by a service technician at the Fire Station between 10:00 a.m. and Noon on the following dates:  

  • Friday, April 9
  • Friday, August 13
  • Friday, November 12

Inspections will cost $8. Recharging a fire extinguisher will be $30.

The Fire Station can only accept extinguishers for service on the dates listed above.