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  1. Night to Unite

Night to Unite

On Tuesday, August 2, many residents in Chaska will lock their doors, turn on outside lights and spend the evening outside with neighbors and police for Night to Unite. 

Many neighborhoods throughout Chaska host a variety of special events: 

  • Block parties
  • Cookouts
  • Flashlight walks
  • Youth activities

Members of the Chaska Police Department and Fire Department try to make it to as many neighborhood parties as they can that night. If you would like to have them visit your party, make sure to register your party. You can even ask for McGruff the Crime Dog to stop by!

Register Your Party
Night to Unite is designed to: 

  • Heighten crime and drug prevention awareness
  • Strengthen neighborhood spirit and police-community partnerships
  • Send a message to criminals that neighborhoods are watching out for each other

Jonathan Association

If you live in the Jonathan Association, please check with the association’s office at 952-448-4700 for more information regarding reimbursement for hosting a Night to Unite party in your neighborhood.

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