Downtown Chaska Reconstruction Project


This summer’s Downtown Reconstruction Project will involve reconstructing:

  • Walnut Street between Fourth Street and County Road 61 (Chaska Boulevard)
  • Fifth Street between Highway 41 (Chestnut Street) and Walnut Street
  • The Sixth Street bridge

Crews will be upgrading the utility services as well as the street, sidewalk and boulevard. The construction of the road and utilities will require various road closures and detours from July through November. 

The project has been divided into multiple phases:

  • Phase 1 will include Walnut Street between Fourth Street and Fifth Street and part of Fifth Street
  • Phase 1B will include Walnut Street between Fifth Street and County Road 61 (Chaska Blvd.)
  • Phase 2 will include part of Fifth Street

2019 Downtown Reconstruction Phase Current Impacts Map

Construction Update for week of November 15

Main Project Area

  • Crews will complete paving the alley.
  • Depending on the weather, sidewalk and curb installation scheduled to be complete on Tuesday.
  • Restoration work continues.
  • Work to be completed this year:
    • Temporary striping
    • Signage install
    • Site cleanup

Sixth Street Bridge

  • Monday, November 15: Tree removals begin.
  • Wednesday, November 17: Depending on the weather, crews are scheduled to start bridge removal and watermain work.
  • Thursday, November 18: Crews are planning to shut down the watermain at 7:00 a.m. This also depends on the weather.