Backflow Prevention

Testing Process

The testing of backflow prevention assemblies helps eliminate possible contamination of the public water distribution system. To assist in this process, the city of Chaska is working with HydroCorp, which specializes in protecting water systems. 

The following backflow assembly types require testing:

  • ASSE 1013
  • ASSE 1020
  • ASSE 1047
  • ASSE 1048
  • ASSE 1056

Things to remember:

  • Minnesota Plumbing Code requires backflow assemblies to be tested after installation and annually.
  • An ASSE certified backflow assembly tester must perform the test.
  • You can view a partial list of testers in your area on HydroCorp’s website.
  • All test results must be entered by your plumber and/or certified tester at

Permit Fees

Permit fees must be submitted to the city of Chaska within 14 days of completing the test/rebuild. If payment is not received, the customer may be subject to discontinuation of water service. 

Permit applications: