Mission & Vision

Our Mission and Vision Statements serve as standards that guide how we formulate our decision-making and service models. Our core values establish organizational pillars for staff conduct in all areas of responsibility.   

Mission Statement

Serve. Protect. 

Vision Statement

The Chaska Police Department Serves the community through the development of relationships and partnerships. Our staff is dedicated to problem-oriented policing that helps build community-based solutions. We Protect life and property and enhance the safety and quality of life for everyone in the community.

Core Values

Respect – We hold life in the highest regard. We treat everyone with dignity and respect and remain fair and impartial as we perform our duties. Department members treat the public and each other with courtesy and professionalism. It is our duty to earn public trust through consistent words and actions.  

Responsiveness - As an organization, we are committed to meeting the needs of our community. We recognize that each member of our community may have different needs, values, and perspectives. We build public trust through the ways we listen to, engage with, and support those we serve. 

Professionalism - Department staff are held to the highest professional standards. We utilize the best practices in law enforcement to perform our duties with integrity and compassion. All department training, procedures, and standards reflect our commitment to preserving human life and dignity. We set goals to help our organization grow as individuals and professionals. 

Leadership – We recognize and accept our responsibility to be leaders, both within the community and among our peers. We are responsible for the performance, reputation, and morale of the department. We strive to serve the public in ways that build mutual respect and understanding between our department and the community.