Community Values

Be it resolved by the communities of 

Carver, Chanhassen, Chaska, East Union, and Victoria Minnesota

That the following values:

  • CITIZENSHIP: A quality in individuals whereby each adheres to and has an understanding and appreciation of the rights, responsibilities and privileges afforded our society under the Constitution of the United States of America; and where every individual has a willingness and ability to participate in the democratic process in a lawful manner in a society where actions of the individual, group, or government are free from bias, favoritism, or prejudice.
  • ENVIRONMENTALISM: A quality of care and concern for our surroundings and being willing to help improve and preserve the environment
  • GENEROSITY: A quality in an individual whereby each is willing to share unselfishly in words as well as action and is willing to serve others without pay; indiscriminate altruism, gratitude, and appreciation.
  • HUMAN WORTH AND DIGNITY: One’s assessment of the extent to which one is lovable and capable; the personal sense of being valued.
  • INTERGRITY: The quality of strict personal honesty, truthfulness, and sincerity in the conduct of human interactions.
  • LEARNING: A quality in individuals whereby each strives to learn more and increase personal levels of fulfillment and competence throughout life; a condition in which  one uses problem solving and reasoned argument to identify, frame, and propose new and improved solutions to existing and emerging problems to the betterment of self and society.
  • RESPECT FOR OTHERS: A quality whereby each and every individual has an unselfish regard and devotion, free from pride or prejudice, to the welfare of others, as well as one’s self, by respecting others; by displaying courtesy and compassion; by appreciating and accepting individual differences and cultural diversities; and by showing regard for and knowing the unique qualities of each person as a valued individual.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: A quality in individuals whereby each knows, understands, and accepts the impact and consequences of personal actions and decisions and whereby each tries to fulfill the obligations of self-sufficiency and active commitment to the common good of society.

Be adopted and promoted as guidelines for all members of these communities.