Every ten years, after the census is completed, the Federal, State, and local government go through a process of redistricting. Redistricting is completed to help balance the population inside the district lines so that there is as close to equal representation as possible. 

The State of Minnesota completed their redistricting process near the end of February. Then, local municipalities, like the City of Chaska, determine their boundaries. The counties follow up last.

Municipalities have until the end of March to complete their process.

The Chaska City Council uses these primary objectives to guide our restricting process:

  • Ward population sizes be as equal as possible (within 10%)
    • Focus larger deviations on areas where growth is expected
  • Keep a four ward system in the City of Chaska
  • Keep ward boundaries as logical as possible
  • Keep the number of precincts required in ward as low as possible
  • Avoid drastic changes that significantly impact residents in a negative way
  • Have multiple wards representing:
    • Downtown (two wards)
    • Mobile home parks (two wards)
    • Jonathan Association (four wards)
  • Have options for alternative polling locations in each ward

The City Council reviewed the proposed redistricting plan at a work session on March 7. As the next step, the Council will consider approving the redistricting plan at their regular meeting on Monday, March 21. View agenda item.

View an interactive map of the proposed ward boundaries.

Map of existing wards and map of draft wards

Current Ward Populations

  • Ward 4: 4,986
  • Ward 3: 4,820
  • Ward 2: 5,506 (largest ward)
  • Ward 1: 5,008

Proposed Ward Populations

  • Ward 4: 5,031
  • Ward 3: 5,231 (would be largest ward)
  • Ward 2: 5,120
  • Ward 1: 4,938