Sponsorship Opportunities

Chaska Parks and Recreation enjoys working alongside local businesses and organizations to create a sponsorship experience that is valuable to your business and the community. Please let us know if your business is interested in partnering in a way not listed. We would be delighted to partner together to create a strong community where we live, work and thrive! 

Contact us at 952-227-7752 to inquire about sponsoring community events in Chaska.

How to Sponsor

In-Kind Sponsorships  

Add value to events or programs with gift cards, coupons, raffle prizes, equipment, and more!

Monetary Sponsorships

These community events are offered to the public at little or no cost. Sponsorship dollars help enhance programs and events while keeping participation fees low or free. Some businesses choose to contribute sponsorship dollars at a particular level in order to receive certain marketing benefits. Other businesses choose to partner with one specific event that matches the mission of their business. Either way, we can discuss different options with you to make the most of your sponsorship dollars.

Volunteer and On-Site Promotions

Many events need volunteers to run efficiently. This option offers your business the opportunity to connect to the community. Wear a shirt with your branded clothing to market your business, organization, or club.

Sponsors for 2023

We are accepting new sponsorships for 2023-2024!

Contact us at 952-227-7752

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