Walk Bike Chaska

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City of Chaska staff worked with local organizations, government agencies, and residents to create the City of Chaska 2040 Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan. 

This plan offers recommendations for routes, facilities, and programs to make walking and biking safer, more convenient, and more inviting for people who live, work, and play in Chaska.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while reviewing the plan.

  • The intent of the plan is to expand on the trail and sidewalk networks in Chaska and offer recommendations for improving opportunities for walking and bicycling in Chaska, for recreational and transportation purposes.
  • Recommendations include investments in new facilities and new programs. In most cases, funding for the recommendations is currently not available or allocated.
  • The recommendations are intended for City staff and City Council to consider and could require further evaluation, community engagement, and funding before implementation.
  • Projects that align with the City's 2040 Comprehensive Plan will receive higher priority for implementation.

The plan is currently open for public review. Download the City of Chaska 2040 Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan (PDF) to view the entire plan, or you can view highlights of the plan below. 

The City of Chaska is an active and vibrant community where people of all ages and abilities enjoy access to a safe, inviting and convenient walking and biking network throughout the entire year.

Linking parks, schools, commercial, employment, residential areas, and transit, the City's network highlights Chaska's natural assets and offers easy and comfortable connectivity to destinations throughout the community. 

Chaska continually grows the use of walking and biking through an integrated 6Es approach that combines on-the-ground improvements with engagement, education, encouragement, enforcement, evaluation, and equity initiatives.