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1. Can I schedule a building or site tour?
2. What type of contract does the City intend to use to secure these services?
3. The RFP cites a max of 24 pages in the proposal. Do cover pages and dividing pages count?
4. Are you looking for hours, rates and cost broken down by each phase of design and construction? Are you also looking for hours and rates for consultants?
5. Is there a detailed facility program available at this time?
6. Will the city directly contract the site survey, geotechnical, asbestos testing, and commissioning services?
7. Has the City performed any community engagement activities for the project?
8. Are the original drawings for the existing fire station available?
9. Can the schedule requested (item g on page 2 of RFP) be integrated into project approach work plan section (item h on page 3)?
10. Would the city require the consultant to perform post-construction services? Example: warranty inspections, commission assistance, record drawings, etc.?
11. Was a facility condition assessment performed?
12. Since the project will have a construction manager, does the design team need to include a cost estimator as a 3rd party to verify estimates?
13. What is the typical review and approval process for new projects? How much time is needed for city council review?
14. What is the city's budget for this project?