Are all victims, witnesses, and children part of public video?

No. The Minnesota Government Data Practices Act limits disclosure of information about certain individuals:

  • Victims and alleged victims of criminal sexual conduct and sex trafficking
  • Victims of child abuse or neglect
  • Vulnerable adults who are victims of maltreatment
  • Undercover officers
  • Informants
  • When the video is clearly offensive to common sensitivities
  • Victims of and witnesses to crimes, if the victim or witness has requested not to be identified publicly
  • Individuals who called 911, and services subscribers whose lines were used to place a call to the 911 system
  • Mandated reporters
  • Juvenile witnesses, if the nature of the event or activity justifies protecting the identity of the witness
  • Juveniles who are or may be delinquent or engaged in criminal acts.Individuals who make complaints about violations with respect to the use of real property. (Code violations, real-estate ethics violations, tax law violations, etc…)
  • Officers and employees who are the subject of a complaint related to the events captured on video

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