How can I protect my family and myself?

Talk to your children. Open communication between parents and children are vital components of family safety. Explain in general terms that this new person in the neighborhood has hurt someone before and we want you to stay away from them to be safe. Review safety tips and common lures used to get kids into a vulnerable situation. Monitor your kids always knowing who they are with and where they are at. 

Use these basics to help stay safe from an offender: 

  • DO NOT go into the offender's home or yard.
  • DO NOT accept a ride from the offender.
  • TELL your parents if the offender offers you toys, money, or gifts.
  • USE the buddy system when playing outdoors.
  • STAY with trusted adults that are watching you.
  • CALL 911 if your parents aren’t home and you are approached by the offender.

It is important to remember that relationship, not residency, is most likely to impact victim recidivism. Therefore, awareness of predatory offenders is often the first step to protecting oneself.

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6. How can I protect my family and myself?
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