Personal Training

Let us help you reach your goals

Work one-on-one with a personal trainer to ensure you are using proper technique and getting results. Individualized workout plans are developed to assist you in obtaining your goals.  

Including, but not limited to: 

  • General Fitness
  • Weight Loss or Weight Gain (including cardiovascular and strength training)
  • Sport Specific Training
  • Injury Prevention
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Core and Balance Training 
  • Flexibility and Self Myofasical Release 
  • Youth Specific Training 
  • Active Older Adult Specific Training
Team wearing white jerseys - sport specific team training avaliable

NEW! Sports Specific Team Training

When you step onto the field/court, you are not alone. You’re with your team. So why train alone? Train together as a team and watch the entire group improve! Improve speed, agility, strength and athleticism. You pick the days/times and how often you’d like to train. Contact Zach Bowman at or 952-227-7738 for more information. Cost will depend on the number of athletes.

Personal Training Packages

One-on-One Training

60 Minute SessionsMemberNon-Member
1 Session$60$70
3 Sessions $170$190
6 Sessions$325$375
10 Sessions$450$500

Small Group Training

Train with others who have similar health and fitness goals with a personal trainer. 

60 Minute SessionsMemberNon-Member
3 Sessions$275$325
6 Sessions$400$450

Nutrition Coaching

As a nutrition coach, Shya helps you improve your relationship with food and establish healthier eating patterns. From decoding food sensitivities to guiding you through cleanses and assisting with meal planning, Shya ensures that your nutrition plan is as unique as you are. Nutrition is a vital strategy in your journey to becoming the best version of yourself. Whether you need a complete food makeover or someone to keep you accountable, Shya is here to support you on your path to wellness.

Member Non-Member
Introductory Package 
Includes 2, 50 minute consults followed by a specialized plan with you in mind
3 Sessions$135$155
6 Sessions$260$300
10 Sessions$410$460

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Personal Trainers

Missy Frick- 952-292-0600

NETA Certified Personal Trainer with over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry teaching various fitness and weight training classes along with personalized fitness programs. Missy recognizes the importance of a commitment to fitness to enhance personal health and overall well-being. She believes a successful program should be simple, non-intimidating and fun. She is motivating, energetic and dedicated to the progress of her clients. Specialty Areas: Weight Loss, Resistance/Strength Training, Interval / Cardiovascular Training.

Personal Trainer Missy Frick in black shirt standing in front of green TEAM sign

Kaari Hilgert- 612-961-3214

NETA Certified Personal Trainer and ACE Certified Health Coach with over 20 years of experience. Kaari believes the emphasis of personal training is connecting with the individual to collectively determine what their vision for their future self will be. She is passionate about coaching her clients to create healthy lifestyle habits in many aspects of their lives.  Together we will help you be the best you as possible. 
Specialty Areas: Strength Training, Weight Loss, Health Coaching, Nutrition Coaching, Mat-Based Pilates, Injury Rehabilitation, Active Older Adult Functional Training, and Flexibility.

Personal Trainer Kari Hilgert in black shirt standing in front of green TEAM sign

Sarah Boomgaarden- 651-353-0103

 ACE Certified Personal Trainer with 5 years experience coaching strength, cardio, conditioning and low impact formats. She has a special interest in supporting active older adults in improving strength and mobility, while protecting their joints as well as working with clients of all ages who have struggled to lose weight or maintain a fitness program. Sarah will work to create plans that are client- centered, break down potential barriers to success, and allow the client to take ownership of their fitness or weight loss goals. Specialty areas: Strength training & weight loss, core/balance & flexibility training, Active older adults, interval/cardiovascular training.

Personal Trainer Sarah Boomgaarden in black shirt standing in front of green TEAM sign

Darrell Marshall - 651-354-1003

Darrell is a passionate fitness professional with a Liberal Education Degree in Exercise Science from Normandale Community College. Throughout his recreation and fitness training career of 22 years, he has coached and trained with countless grammar school, high school, collegiate, and semi-professional sports team athletes and everyone in between. Darrell enjoys teaching challenging and entertaining individual fitness sessions and group classes. He incorporates a holistic path to his client sessions targeting all components of physical health and wellness. His approach to fitness emphasizes age-appropriate programming, with specific focus given to strength, conditioning, and endurance in combination with balance, stability, and flexibility training. His academic background and knowledge of fitness with personalized objectives allows him to educate clients in many other aspects of wellness beyond just exercise, like therapy, rehabilitation, general health, and nutrition.

Personal Trainer Darrell Marshall in black shirt standing in front of green TEAM poster

Shya Tran - 952-380-7404

Pronounced Shy
With 10 years of personal training experience, Shya doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions, and she knows that your path to success is as individual as you are. Her mission is to help you unlock the incredible potential within yourself, and she’s committed to empowering you every step of the way. Shya also knows that what you put into your body is just as vital as the effort you put into your workouts. Providing nutrition guidance is a key part of Shya’s strategy to helping you on your unique fitness journey. Whether you’re looking to shed some pounds, enhance your agility, or build functional strength, Shya is your go-to trainer. Get ready to become the best version of yourself with Shya as your dedicated fitness and nutrition coach.
Specialty Areas: Building muscle, Agility and speed training, Functional strength, Nutrition Guidance, Fat loss 

Shya Personal Training photo in front of Green TEAM poster

Body Composition Screening

Did you know maintaining a fit and healthy body is more than just your body weight? Your body composition is your lean body mass compared to your fat mass (body fat). A personal trainer can conduct body composition screenings by measuring weight, body mass index (BMI), percent body fat, percent skeletal muscle, and visceral fat. To schedule an appointment, contact the fitness and operations coordinator at 952-227-7738 or 

Strength Equipment Orientation-FREE

 New members can learn how to safely and effectively use our cardio and strength equipment by scheduling a free equipment orientation! You will walk away with a generic workout card and recommended reps/sets. Orientations are available by appointment.  Sign up for a timeslot online at or by contacting the Fitness and operations coordinator at 952-227-7738 or