Adaptive Programs & Inclusion Support

The Chaska Parks and Recreation Department celebrates the inclusion of all people. We have engaging programs for people with disabilities to help them grow, learn and develop friendships. 

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Adaptive Programs

If a participant requires 1:1 support and an adult or PCA cannot stay with the participant, please note this at time of registration. 

  1. Spring Fling Dance Party

Spring Fling Dance Party

April 14, 2023 | 6:00-8:00 PM

Carver City Hall | Community Room

Let's burn some calories and show off our dance moves! Colored lights, glow sticks, hula hoops and other fun dance accessories provided. Staff support (1:3 ratio) will be available. Ages 8+.

Cost: $25/person.

  1. Tri-It!
  1. Kickball
  1. Field Trip to Carlson's Llovable Llamas
  1. Playground Party & Picnic
  1. Sensory Play
  1. Friends at Firemen's
  1. Pontoon Fishing

The Impact...

We want to share with you the impact that the adaptive programs have made on our family. Declan has attended many of the adaptive programs offered through Chaska Parks & Recreation. Recreational opportunities are important for everyone, even more for those with disabilities. These adaptive programs have given Declan a chance to show off his abilities/skills, be social, learn new sports, and build a network of friends. Recently, he attended the adaptive dance class, he loved it! Miss Jenny provided a safe environment that allowed the students to dance freely as well as teaching them choreography! He loves to see his friends that attend these programs. He enjoys doing physical sports and learning new skills, these programs have allowed him to do that.  

 As parents, it is one of our biggest joys to watch all of our kids do what they love. Our girls have joined Declan in some of his classes and have watched from the sidelines as proud sisters. The girls have learned to care deeply for others and how helping others can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

 By offering the adaptive recreation programs to families like ours, is invaluable. 

 Thank you for celebrating individuals with all abilities.  We are more alike than different."

 -Dan & Julie O’Connell, Declan, Neela & Kinley

Sensory Friendly Areas

Chaska Parks and Recreation offers sensory-friendly areas at events as well. These are usually adjacent to the action and offer fidget toys, headphones, and quiet activities. 

PCA Access to the Chaska Community Center

Did you know? PCAs can attend the CCC free of charge while on duty with their client! For more information, please stop by the CCC Guest Service desk or call (952) 448-5633

Inclusion Support

Not seeing an adaptive program that fits your needs or interests? Does your family member with a disability want to participate in general Parks and Rec program but need support? No worries, we are here to help!

The Chaska Parks and Recreation department partners with Reach for Resources to provide inclusion facilitators for those needing support in our programs. This means that a staff person will be scheduled to attend the program with the person needing assistance. Families should note this at time of registration and we will follow-up to discuss details. 

  1. Reach for Resources

Reach for Resources

Reach for Resources provides inclusion facilitators for children and adults with disabilities participating in any of our Chaska Parks and Recreation programs. For special needs questions and inclusion requests, please email Joan Seedorf or call 952-227-7760 to discuss the needs of the program participant. Please register and call early to allow for adequate time to process the request.

Reach for Resources

  1. Additional Athletics Resources